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Leaders Help You Stick To Your Mission and Vision Until You Achieve Them

The word leader can bring to mind many various images. It could be a political leader, someone who’s pursuing a cause passionately. It could be the chief executive, devising strategies to outdo the competition. It could be a chef, managing his kitchen and directing his employees. According to the examples, a huge variety of roles comes under leadership. Anyone can be taught the leadership skills but that does not make anyone a leader. Leaders come from all walks of life. Their journey to the top maybe filled with stories of success and failures. Successful leaders are effective. There can be good and bad leaders. In order to be an effective leader, one must know to cultivate the vision and mission. An effective leader can motivate people to stick to their mission and vision. Leaders help with setting the direction. Once you have direction, it always becomes easier to form a vision and mission. You can see the leaders dedicated to their vision and mission despite facing failure and they are usually most successful. They never give up and keep trying to achieve their goals. Below are two examples of leaders that have achieved their goals and motivate others to stick to their own vision and mission and achieve them.


Nuseir Yassin is the founder of NasDaily. He has millions of followers and a huge influence. He created a bunch of video series that would be up on Facebook. He would make 1 minute long videos to post daily which would contain facts or stories. They make videos about a variety of topics that also include women issues, world issues, political issues etc. Their mission is to spread as much awareness as possible, so they make videos about people first. Products and other things are secondary. He is now on both Facebook and Instagram. He and his team did not get where they are so easily though. They created a thousand videos in a thousand days. He posted a minute long story of how he failed a few times before actually becoming successful. He has mentioned how he had almost lost hope but he never gave up and eventually, became successful. He is a great example of how a person should stick to their mission and vision. Leaders like these help people, motivate them and inspire them to achieve their vision and mission.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is another great example of a leader. A leader who helps you stick to your mission and vision and eventually achieve it. Elon Musk was co-ranked as first on the Forbes list of the ‘Most Innovative Leaders’ of 2019. He is a philanthropist who has made his way to the top. He has a few great leadership qualities and he is good at inspiring people. That is what helps them stick to their mission and vision. He is constantly learning so that he can tackle any obstacles. He finds ways to solve problems and most important of all, he is emotionally intelligent. This is the main reason behind his huge success. He has made himself highly approachable by his employees, and gets involved in the processes.

MartinLuther King, Jr

He led a huge movement successfully. This movement was the reason for the end of Legal segregation in the United States. He demonstrated a charismatic leadership style. He had won the hearts of many people, he had a worldwide following that inspired people to stand up and achieve their mission. He displayed authority but could also be transformational. He mentored, which is another important trait a leader possesses. In order to help people in sticking to their vision and mission, a leader needs to mentor and guide the people.

Arianna Huffington

She is an inspiration, especially for women. She inspires women all around the world to achieve their goals. She is the founder of Huffington Post. It is an online political site that has bloggers and news, and is known nationally. She had different leadership styles at the beginning and now. She is a huge advocate of the work-life balance lifestyle. She promotes a corporate culture which is positive. It promotes integrity, better group morale and an increase in generosity.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart founded Martha Stewart living Omnimedia. She is an entrepreneur who does gardening, cooking, writing, entertaining and creates multichannel media operations. She has an autocratic style, which has been seen as the main reason for her success. She pays attention to the smallest of details, she can be demanding and meticulous. He has a huge influence and can be seen as a successful leader.

Mary Kay Ash

She was the founder of Mary Kay cosmetics. She was passed over by a man she trained for a promotion. This encouraged her to create a company with saleswomen, with equal treatment based on merit. She rewarded her top workers, and has a successful company with confident and well-trained workers.

Leaders Are Influencers

Leaders are the ones that influence you and drive you to be more resilient. This does not mean that a person with followers is now considered a leader. It is when that influence they have makes you maximize the efforts you put in achieve your vision and mission. There are many different leadership styles that leaders employ but not all will be effective. In a corporate environment, leaders would know when to seize what opportunity and how to inspire and drive their employees to achieving the mission and vision. Leadership traits can be improved and learned overtime with practice. They need to be effective at communicating and emotionally intelligent. They should do the right thing, especially since they are role models and mentors to most people.

Leaders can be different for different people around the world. Leadership is also situational dependent; campaigning groups, political leadership etc. The position of leaders have got nothing to do with hierarchy, titles or seniority. A leader is a person that can help a team or individual be inspired to form a vision and have a mission, and then stick to it till they achieve it.


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