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Professional Coaching

Most leaders understand that purpose beyond profit can help their organizational growth and retention rates, while increasing energy, innovation and loyalty within the workplace. Partnering with an experienced, certified professional coach can be a valuable asset.


Coaching as an Emerging Industry

Coaching can be confused with similar professions. So that expectations for client growth and outcomes are understood and embraced by client leaders and their sponsoring companies, let’s understand some key differences:


Coaching vs consulting that focuses on diagnosing, prescribing and implementing answers. A coach focuses on the person and believes that each client is resourceful, creative and whole.


Coaching vs mentoring or teaching that’s based on giving advice, counsel or linear training. Your goals, purpose, capabilities and qualities determine the coaching plan that emerges to best support your timeline and objectives. 


Coaching vs therapy that seeks to resolves past and emotional issues. We will be future-focused, emphasizing action, accountability and the realization of capabilities beyond where you start.


I partner with you to:

  • improve relationships by understanding yourself and recognizing blocks that prevent healthy communication.

  • deep dive into the root of underlying problems that prevent you from reaching your goals.

  • help hold yourself accountable, while championing and encouraging you throughout the engagement and beyond.

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