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Importance of Organizational Awareness

What is Organizational Awareness?

Organizational awareness can be defined as the process of knowing all the aspects of your organization. It deals with the positives and negatives of the organization, its weaknesses, and strengths. Moreover, by working on the aspects, this awareness tells us how we can make the organization a known one in the market. Adding to it, every organization has specific importance in the industry in one or another way. Therefore, having complete awareness of the organization helps us to understand the stand of the organization in the global economy. According to Marcaret J, there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. It means organizational awareness deals with all those aspects in which we can make the community a better place.

What Organizational Awareness Deals with?

Organizational awareness is a chore that deals with certain assumptions, ethics, values, prone or cones which tells how people behave in organizations. While using this awareness we can make an organization a better and a strong one. It importantly tells us about the division of staff, the distribution of responsibilities and tasks among people and the selection of motivated people who deal with all the responsibilities in a better and positive way.

Common Issues Encountered in an Organization

In any organization, there are some of the common problems. These problems, if not resolved, can result in the ultimate downfall in the industry. In this section, some of the issues will be mentioned which will depict why organizational awareness is important.

Ill-defined Objective

In any organization, inappropriate identification of the objective for which the organization is working can be a very important hurdle in the progress. Having an organizational awareness will help you in clarifying the purpose and objective for which the company is working. The proper direction towards work helps to create multiple opportunities and strategies which can play an important role in competing in society.

Lack of Team Work

Among the organizational issues, lack of teamwork can result in creating an unnecessary mess among people. Those employees who are highly dedicated to their work can easily burn out due to excessive responsibilities and pressure of workload. On the other hand, employees who just take credit out of the final work destroy the overall impact of an organization. In short, lack of blending of different people together can result in an organizational issue. Therefore, awareness is very important to keep a check that whether the working staffs is devoted to the work or not. The selection of authentic and talented staff for raising the standards of the company needs proper inside and outside information about the organization.

Lack of Communication

Organizational awareness is important for developing a platform where people and employees can communicate freely. Moreover, everyone should be given an equal chance to express their ideas which can lead to making an organization an established one in the market. Awareness and check-in balance on the working staff and their behavior with one another is another responsibility that comes in the section of the organization leading staff.


Taking feedback from the users is very important for taking decisions in favor of the organization. By using feedback, we can bring the best out of the better. Without having any awareness about the working organization in the market, you cannot decide what further steps or which strategies should be formulated to overcome the problems. Moreover, for upgrading the organization to a higher scale, feedback should always be taken from the people who are a part of it.


The market is full of competitors in every field. When it comes to business and economy, every company works to take a hold over other organizations. For this purpose, one should be aware of all the things happening around him in the company. The organization can only achieve higher goals if it keeps in mind that hard work and out of box thinking is needed to seek the attention of people. People only go for those companies where there is an attraction in one or another way. Gaining the trust of people and working according to their demands to meet the expectation level is very important. Therefore, organizational importance plays a very efficient role in winning among competitors.

Keeping Organization Up to Date

Organizational awareness is very important for keeping the organization up to date. It means that whatever are the current affairs of industry, whatever is happening in the field, the needs, and demands of people and the type of issues they are facing; all should be discussed under the roof of your organization. The leader of the organization should have an eye on all the commercial affairs as well.

Introducing New Plans

Another important aspect for which organizational awareness is the introduction of innovative plans and ideas. The modern and latest technologies and their use in the organization in the most efficient way are very important for bringing the organization to a remarkable level. Adding to it, the social and political affairs which affect the organization should be dealt with a lot of care and concern. These little things highly affect the organization.


To summarize the situation, in a nutshell, it can be said that organizational awareness by any means is a very important factor for the establishment of the organization just like other factors that are considered. It is also very important for selecting the career of the future in the early stages of career selection. Having a complete awareness about the field and in which you are about to work, its future goals and prospects; everything should be clarified before the opting of career. Organizational awareness also plays a good role in leadership. If a person can explain his organization in a summarized form with all of its objectives and plans, he/she would be best positioned for a leadership role in the organization. Organizational awareness also has an impact on judging the behavioral responses of the people in association.


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