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How To Counter Team Roadblocks As A Leader

Running a business isn’t a one man or woman show. No business has ever succeeded on the ideas and efforts put in by only one person. Whether it’s Microsoft or Apple, these companies did not become so successful because of what Bill Gates or Steve Jobs did. It was all a team effort and everyone in their team have to be commended for the success.

Team work is always important. However when different people work on a similar project, then there are bound to be certain problems. It is very important for businesses to try and resolve these issues to boost the productivity of the business. Without countering these team roadblocks businesses cannot become successful.

Plan Well

Action plan is very important. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation when there are tasks being performed by a team then there should be proper planning before it. Proper planning would give direction to each and every person of the team. It will also make it easy for everyone to know what tasks they have to perform. This is very important as it will make sure that none of the team member’s tasks clash with each other. Without planning, it will be pandemonium in the work place. Work will be left unattended, the tasks will clash with each other and there would be conflict of interest.

So in order to guarantee smooth workflow, you have to plan really well. Everyone in the team should know who they have to follow. The team leader should have the task of effectively planning and distributing the tasks amongst the team members.

Manage Your Resources

A team is only as effective as the level of resources they possess. Whether its physical resources or human resources, it is very important for teams to manage them effectively and efficiently. If these resources aren’t managed well then that can create a lot of problems in a team. It can create one of the biggest team road blocks in the business. It is the job of the team leader to know which resources need to be distributed to which person or sub group. Many people focus on monetary resources and physical assets but they don’t focus much on the human resources. Human resource management is very important. In actuality, it is more important than other types of resources.

Placing the right person in the right place is imperative to business success. If you don’t distribute the tasks well then that can be very harmful for your business. Just imagine if a marketing person is given a finance task and the financial expert is given the marketing task then how will that turn out for the business. It will create a big road block for the team and for the business for a whole. You need to realize that it is very important to assess each and every member of the team and to give each one of them the right task.

Prioritize Well

Planning tasks is one thing, prioritizing them is a whole new ball game. It is the duty of the team leader to distribute the tasks well and it is the duty of the team members to prioritize the tasks distributed to them. Prioritizing tasks well will create a synergy amongst different team members. You need all team members to be at the same well. If one of the team member is at one level and the other member is at a different level then that will distort the synergy between the different team members and create a roadblock. The tasks should be prioritized based on their importance to the team and to the entire business.

Be Creative

Creativity is very important in all aspects of life. Whether it is your personal life or business, being creative is imperative to being successful. As a team leader, you should give a certain level of freedom for creativity to your team. Creativity from one of your team members can help you reach new heights of success. So it is very important for you to encourage creativity and freedom at the workplace. This will not only make the team successful but it will also have a positive impact on the business. Being creative can help you resolve all sorts of problems faced by the team. There are no road blocks that cannot be countered with creativity.

These are some of the ways that teams can counter road blocks in business. However, it should be noted that all businesses are different and sometimes teams have to assess the situation when they face any roadblock. They have to then, be creative and come up with a proper solution for the roadblock.


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