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Characteristics of Inspirational Leaders?

Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things; they set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to "win" as a team or an organization; it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring. There are a certain set of characteristics that are looked at in an individual before establishing that he or she is a leader. These include the ability to communicate, whether he or she can effectively communicate with individuals and groups using both verbal and non-verbal cues, or the ability to direct and coach their subordinates and build relationships with them. Various styles of leadership are applied by individuals, each of these styles has positive and negative attributes assigned to them. 

The thought associated when talking about leadership is that of power, how the two coincide and go hand in hand. When a leader is elected, he has an implied authority of getting things done and exercising his or her power. This exercise of power can be applied positively as well as negatively. There are different styles of leadership. While they’re all forms of leadership, not all of them are considered inspirational. Inspirational leaders have a certain way about them and work differently as compared to others. Let’s look into what qualities inspirational leaders, working in an organization, have that others don’t. 

Positive attitude

Positive people are able to transcend their positivity into others and help them perform better. True inspirational leaders tend to have this quality as they’re able to uplift others just by their presence. Their extremely positive attitude makes them stay calm and collected during stressful hours that can really help the subordinates get their work done better. You need someone like that to lead so that they can be a source of positivity and help people grow. Inspiration leaders will make sure never to reprimand you in a way that lowers your self-esteem. They’ll always have a positive outlook about everything and keep things flowing smoothly. You won’t feel the stress of working under someone who’s rigid and negative.


It’s true, motivation inspires people. Inspirational leaders have a specific trait built-in; they know how to motivate people. In businesses, you won’t find a lot of people who know how to truly lead, but those who do will become people you look up to for motivation that inspires you. With a positive outlook, inspirational leaders know how to change your stressful situation and motivate you to work harder.

You always need some sort of motivation while working to keep your head in the game. Inspirational leaders do just that. They give you a boost when you really need one without making you feel like your lacking. Inspirational leaders are extremely motivated themselves that enables them to motivate you better for the common goal. You will see them enjoying their work and taking up responsibilities effortlessly that will make you want to perform better as well. 


Do you want to know the secret to improve any situation? It’s communication. Communication helps you overcome any sort of problem that you might be facing. Inspirational leaders are examples of individuals who are effective communicators. They’re able to communicate any information properly, using the right medium and channels. 

You won’t see them worried about any situation as they know how to handle it. Communication is an effective tool that enables them to overcome problems easily. Leaders analyze the type of situation and the kind of message necessary for a particular situation. You won’t see them using the same communicating methods for every situation as they adjust according to the surroundings. 

Emotional intelligence

The basic characteristics of any leader is to be smart and have incredible knowledge when it comes to the organization and its work. What differentiates and inspirational leader from the rest is their emotional intelligence. Inspirational leaders tend to have a high empathy quotient along with being smart. They know how to deal with different kinds of people and the different kinds of actions necessary, depending on the situation. 

Everyone has a different personality, needs, and wants. Inspirational leaders are able to detect each and every individual’s different traits and treat them accordingly. They’re able to do this mostly because they’re well aware of themselves. People who know themselves well are generally able to understand the needs of others as well. This makes them emotionally intelligent and this trait is considered essential when it comes to inspirational leaders.

Remarkable listeners

Inspirational leaders are not only excellent communicators, but they’re also effective listeners. What is the difference between an effective listener and the others? Well, effective listeners tend to listen actively, making sure they’re turning off any personal filters that may lead them to create a biased image of the speaker. Inspirational leaders practice active listening to make sure that they’re able to listen to their subordinates, without any judgments. 

Effective listeners avoid active and defensive listening as well. Inspirational leaders make sure that you’re being heard and your ideas are put into action. Most leaders don’t think it’s important to listen to what their subordinates have to say. This makes them lose out on great ideas and improved productivity. Inspirational leaders, on the other hand, make it their goal to listen to what you have to say. Not only does it motivate you to perform better, but it also builds your self-esteem. Everybody needs encouragement at work and there’s no better encouragement than your leader noticing your work and listening to you. 

Not every leader can be considered an effective and inspirational leader. They’re not easy to find as most leaders are power corrupt and look down on their subordinates. True and inspirational leaders help their subordinates to grow and become better by focusing on their positives rather than flaws. Inspirational leaders communicate in a way that helps boost the morale of the workers in an organization. Not only do they motivate them but they offer constructive criticism to help the workers perform better at their tasks. Inspirational leaders have a distinct personality and you’ll be able to notice as soon as they set foot in the organization. 


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