Empowering your Team

for Leaders

Certified Team Empowerment Leader (CTEL)

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for:

Anyone in a leadership role that would like to create self-directed, empowering, high performing teams, while creating true business value.



C-Suite, Directors, Managers, Coaches, Leaders, HR Professionals




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Whats Included:


Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment Included


Trainer led in-person class



Course Details Certified Team Empowerment Leader (CTEL)


At the heart of every empowered team stands a great leader! Come learn the best practices and techniques to creating a high performing empowered team. Attend this workshop so you can influence and motivate your organization's workforce to new heights of achievement.

Learning Goals

  • Lead powerfully with presence and impact
  • Gain valuable emotional insights and awareness to inspire and maintain productive relationships
  • Manage and adapt emotional behaviors that expand your sphere of credibility and influence
  • Utilize empathy to promote strong relationships
  • Apply collaborative, inclusive and creative communication practices
  • Harness emotionally intelligent motivational skills to achieve team results

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Servant Leadership
  • Learn about Self-Direct Teams
  • Learn about Shared Vision
  • Learn about Shared Goals
  • Learn how to give teams an identity
  • Learn about team collaboration
  • Learn about roadblocks that hold teams back
  • Learn about team values
  • Learn how to lead Empowered Teams
  • Learn about Gerational Differences
  • Discovering your DiSC Style
  • Understanding others Styles
  • Building more Effective Relationships

Outline - Classroom

Servant Leadership Self-Directed Teams Shared Vision Shared Goals Team Identity Value Diversity Collaboration Roadblocks Team Meetings Team Values Leading Empowered Teams Generational Differences Discovering Your DiSC Style Understanding Others Styles Building more Effective Relationships

Classroom Schedule 2 Day Workshops