Emotional Intelligence

for Leaders

Certified Emotional Intelligence Leader (CEIL)

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Anyone in a leadership role that would like to create a healthy workplace and organizational culture by enhancing their overall effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence.



C-Suite, Directors, Managers, Coaches, Leaders, HR Professionals

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Whats Included:

Certified Emotional Intelligence Leader (CEIL)


EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Included


Trainer led in-person class




Course Details Certified Emotional Intelligence for Leaders (CEIL)


Why does emotional intelligence (EI) matter? Because at the core of every outstanding leader are the abilities to connect, acheive, inspire and act with resilience. Now you can learn to apply the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader and give yourself a winning edge. EI helps you create and sustain unique opportunities and more impactful relationships. This course uses an integrated competency approach to help you develop this crucial skill. You'll get hands-on opportunities to practice and apply methods for consistently using EI as a leader. Attend this 2 day workshop so you can influence and motivate your organization's workforce to new heights of achievement.

Learning Goals

  • Lead powerfully with presence and impact
  • Gain valuable emotional insights and awareness to inspire and maintain productive relationships
  • Manage and adapt emotional behaviors that expand your sphere of credibility and influence
  • Utilize empathy to promote strong relationships
  • Apply collaborative, inclusive and creative communication practices
  • Harness emotionally intelligent motivational skills to achieve team results

Learning Objectives

  • Integrating EI and leadership competencies
  • Emotional Self-Awareness: Recognizing one’s emotions and their effects
  • Emotional Self-Control: Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check
  • Adaptability: Flexibility in handling change
  • Achievement Orientation: Striving to improve or meeting a standard of excellence
  • Positive Outlook: Persistence in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks
  • Empathy: Sensing others’ feelings and perspectives, and taking an active interest in their concerns
  • Organizational Awareness: Reading a group’s emotional currents and power relationships
  • Coach and Mentor: Sensing others’ development needs and bolstering their abilities
  • Inspirational Leadership: Inspiring and guiding individuals and groups
  • Influence: Wielding effective tactics for persuasion
  • Conflict Management: Negotiating and resolving disagreements
  • Teamwork: Working with others toward shared goals. Creating group synergy in pursuing collective goals.

Outline - Classroom

What is EQ Neuroscience Self-Awareness Self-Management Social-Awareness Empathy Organizational Awareness Relationship Management Influence EQ in Conflict Inspirational Leadership Teamwork Coach and Mentor Generational Differences Introduction to EQ-i 2.0

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