Breaking through Barriers

for Leaders

Certified  Barrier Breaker Leader (CBBL)

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for:

Anyone in a leadership role that would like to move obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their goals.


C-Suite, Directors, Managers, Coaches, Leaders, HR Professionals




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Whats Included:


Trainer led in-person class


Course Details Certified Barrier Breaker Leader (CBBL)


This course explores how to remove barriers that hold you back along with setting goals and aligning a vsion to meet and execute beyond expectations.

Learning Goals

  • Become more self aware of energy and how it effects us
  • Learn about your personality leadership style
  • Learn how to align corporate vision and execute on that vision
  • Learn about Goal setting techniques that get results

Learning Objectives

  • Move toward a New Mindset Shift
  • Learn about Goals Setting
  • Learn about Leadership Vision
  • Learn about Leadership Alignment
  • Learn about Leadership Execution

Outline - Classroom

Understanding Yourself New Mindset Goals Vision Alignment Execution Action Planning

Classroom Schedule 2 Day Workshops